Reason Why You Should Always Switch Off Your Phone Before Removing The Battery

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Reason Why You Should Always Switch Off Your Phone Before Removing The Battery

Post by Dam_berrypromzy on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:47 pm

It is necessary for phone users especially Smartphone
users to always switch off their phone before removing
the battery because in this case, the phone itself will
know that it will be short down shortly, I this case, it
will get ready so when you later put it on, it will not
malfunction and again all the applications and the
operating system get the chance to save whatever
needs to be saved and to go through their proper shut-
down process.
Note that, Removing the battery without switching the
phone off will immediately crash every running
applications as well as the operating system(OS). It’s
just like unplugging your system while it’s running. You
can do it, but it’s not advice-able, a bad idea though.
Other thing is that While switching off your device, the
operating system will make sure that every thing
connected to the phone’s memory and external memory
is properly and carefully closed.
If you remove the battery before switching off your
phone, you may corrupt the memory which may lead to
unexpected behavior.
Please and Please, always switch off your phone before
removing the battery. That’s my best advice to you as a
phone user.


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